Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Smears, Lies and Politics as usual

Someone I know told me today that they would vote for John McCain for President this year. I respect this person but I can't respect their reasons. #1 was Barack Obama's supposed relationship with 1960's Weatherman William Ayres. #2 was his relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

You can find Senator Obama's explanation on this web site.

I must admit I have never been a fan of Senator John McCain but I sympathized with him when his 2000 presidential campaign was derailed by smears and lies from the George Bush campaign in South Carolina.

What really disappoints me is that Senator McCain has now adopted this same campaign tactic to try to defeat Senator Obama.

Johnny, we hardly knew ye.

p.s. I voted yesterday by early ballot. For Senator Barack Obama.


Colonel Colonel said...

I wonder how long they'll keep the Ayres thing up before somebody starts asking about Governor Palin's very close ties to a *current* anti-Amrican group of secessionists. I'm hoping that little relationship makes it onto the SNL special tonight.

The other thing about the Ayres story that makes me hopping mad is the utter disregard for logic- who cross-questions everyone they meet as to whether they have anything in their past that might be disreputable? Obama was -8- when the Weathermen were active- how on earth was he supposed to know that his neighbor, Professor William Ayres, respected authority on education issues from the University of Chicago, was a former WU member? It's not like they have it tattooed on their freaking foreheads. Can your friend name a *single* other WU member? Could he have even named Ayres as a member before this came up? (and if your friend asks, the answer is no, Obama did not know ahead of time, he was only told much later).

Sorry- started ranting there, but people need to get a grip.

Catalyst said...

Gail Collins has a good op-ed piece on this subject in the NYT today.

Lucy said...

It's a pathetic attempt at a slur, isn't it? I agree with Colonel; if the bloke's seen as fit to hold a University job and be involved with a presumably respected charity why on earth shouldn't he be numbered among Barack's acquaintances, what does it matter?

What I don't understand is how people like the person you know can be so easily swayed; not only into having doubts about Obama and perhaps not voting for him, but ergo to vote for McCain?

Catalyst said...

Nor do I.