Friday, December 12, 2008

Blue Friday

It's a cold grey day. 52 degrees (11 Celsius). The forecast calls for cloudy skies, cool temperatures and a possibility of rain or snow showers. SWMBO and I are going down to Scottsdale Wednesday and Thursday afternoon will tour the Desert Botanical Garden and see the glass exhibit there by Dale Chihuly. The BRD and her beau went yesterday and were very impressed and pleased. But sunshine would be good and something warmer than the predicted 60 degrees would be even better. But you go with what you've got, I guess.

We'll be staying at a time-share resort courtesy of the BRD. Always nice to have one of those R ones in the family, especially when they share.

I expect that will be about the extent of our holiday celebrating this year. We've put up no lights, hardly any decorations, sent no cards. You get to the age where it's just more work than it's worth. Of course we do have a friend who is 76 and can't wait to decorate her house and a tree in her yard and to play Christmas music on her stereo non-stop for over a month and to shop, shop, shop. However, she said the recession means there will only be "stocking gifts" this year, nothing under the tree. But then she reports how she put gussets in the Christmas stockings a year or two ago so they'd hold more! And while she lives alone she has several children, numerous grandchildren, cousins, and friends of the family who all seem to get in on the "racket". She also said she had cut way back on her cards this year, too, only sending out 57 (at last count.)

Well some people still get excited about Christmas. SWMBO and I just can't wait to get it over with.

It's looking like the recession is going to put a serious crimp into the hopes of retailers in the U.S. this year. Every day there is word of more layoffs, store closings and the like. Brings to mind that song Elvis recorded some decades back although this year it probably should be called Black Christmas.


  1. I'm with ya! Get this holiday over with.

  2. I must be a Grinchess!!
    Haha. I did listen to Elvis, though I was never a fan of his back in the day. He has grown on my over the years. As Christmas music goes, that is one of the better ones!!

  3. That concert in the round (square) was one of Presley's best.

  4. Sounds like you are having a heat wave. Have much fun on your short trip.

  5. Gussets in the Christmas stockings! Hahahahahahah!

    Your holiday sounds great. I'm not feeling specially Chritmassy but actually realise I don't mind.

  6. Whatever your holiday is . . may it be a fine one.