Monday, December 22, 2008

It's the season to get lit

I set out to take a few pictures of the Christmas decorations around town tonight.

I swear to you I did not have a drop of alcohol before this venture.

As usual, the photos look better (or worse) if you click on them. At least they show up bigger on your screens.

Happy holidays everyone!


Granny J said...

Thank you, Cat-A -- with the dotter already back in darkest Alaska, I'm winding down & the pix brought me a bit of cheer!

Catalyst said...

Don't mention it, GJ. You bring cheer to many more year 'round.

jgodsey said...

great photos. pretty good.

is it weird to ask....goes anyone have a SW lightscape? something that doesn't remind you that ain't never getting no snowmans...evah.

Catalyst said...

GODSEY! How great to hear from you! Y'know I don't know about those SW lightscapes. And we may have snow here by mid-day tomorrow! Happy holidays to you!