Wednesday, January 14, 2009

6 more days . . or 5

Less than a week left of the Bush presidency. As we here in America watch countless interviews with the President and the Vice-President, we ask ourselves . . . WILL IT EVER END?

Here are some of the soon-to-be ex-president's "finer" moments.

To the world: we apologize.


jgodsey said...

my god he is taking forever to get off the stage.

i don't ever remember a president rubbing our noses in the fact that he has effectively CHECKED OUT like months ago.

Catalyst said...

Oh, you say it so well.

Malicious Intent said...

What? You didn't like Bush?
I thought it was kinda cool that we had a comic in the White House. Maybe more of a court jester. Either way...I am sure will be hearing more.
Of course he will want to open his Presidential Library, which means he may finally get that education he has always wanted.

Catalyst said...

Mal-I: Yes, a court jester. Except the last 8 years weren't funny.

meggie said...

We have been treated to his bushisms over here. Little Johnny had his moment of beheading, oops I mean glory with Bush. BLECH!

Catalyst said...

Yes, President Bush has imparted his "wisdom" around the world.

Lucy said...

The video was funny but a bit too kind, I thought. I have a long list of Bushisms I use in my English teaching; find the errors, grammatical, logical or factual in these. Even real beginners and twelve year olds are astounded by them.