Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ahhhhh, spring!

Doesn't this just make you feel like spring is in the air?

Sure made me feel that way when I saw this wagon load of flowers outside a shop in Prescott the other day. I had to go back the next day with my camera to get a few shots. But when I got up close, I discovered these were SILK flowers!

I stepped inside the shop to complain but was quickly shown a case full of REAL flowers.

They were even better than the silk ones outside so I promised the folks some free advertising.

Oh, so you say that's not enough? O.K. I also scanned their business card. (A little wobbly but you get the idea, right?)

Joe and Vikki are very nice people so give 'em some business. Buy some flowers.

C'mon, there's a recession on! Everybody needs a little help.

There's even a toll free number!

(Oh . . . and by the way . . . it's not really spring here yet. It only got up to 55 today!



Cassie said...

Next time we visit lovely Prescott I'll have my sweetie buy me some blooms at this flower shop. We'll mention your name. The Hassayampa is "our" place up there.Honeymooned there 20+ years ago, so trace our footsteps (there)about every year. Also like to eat at Murphy's (it's been a yr. now...about time to get up there).

Catalyst said...

Cassie - The flower folk will be happy! Enjoy your visit to P-town!

Malicious Intent said...

46 degress here, 29 tonight, then the cold comes back. Even at 46 I felt warm in my coat...we went with tshirts outside. A a gorgeous day.
Back to the cold stuff tomorrow. At least it is is Monday and will be in work and won't have time to worry.

Catalyst said...

I feel sorry for the folks in Kentucky. 'Course, I grew up in North Dakota and we had plenty of the same thing.