Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cal-o-ries . . my mouth does crave cal-o-ries!

So, you're feeling kind of hungry.

And you don't feel like you want any more sushi.

No raw tuna.

No tofu.

I know what you need.

It's popularly called "The Bacon Explosion."

Now that your mouth is savoring it . . . here's the full story:

(Be sure you watch the slide show)
You're welcome!


  1. Heart Stopping to say the least. Very odd that I posted something about eating tonight, then came here. Really, you have the better deal. You must come see what I found in the paper today.
    Really. You. Should.

  2. I showed it to SWMBO and she was interested at first because she loves bacon. But as she looked at the photos, she said "yuck, too much" and gave up. So I guess if I ever made it, it would have to be a bachelor dinner when she's not in town!

    Now, I'm off to check your page.

  3. Aaach! The internet has gone bacon crazy lately.

  4. Bacon-bacon-bacon. I want bacon!!!

  5. Actually, I think it does too, Steve, but then I like bacon and Italian sausage!

  6. I felt my arteries close as I looked!!
    I love bacon, but this might be a tad too much!


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