Saturday, February 7, 2009

Art Opening

SWMBO and I stopped in at Framers Market in Prescott to see an old friend as she opened a show of her art for the rest of February. Sid Freeman is a very talented artist whose present show is filled with her calligraphic art. Here is an article in yesterday's paper that tells about the show and Sid's art.

It's a bit difficult to photograph mylar-wrapped art in a gallery because of reflections but here's one of her works.

Sid learned to carve in rock a few years ago and many of her pieces reflect that training.

Many of the works illustrate Sid's study of various Eastern religions. She told us she had made a trip to Nepal this year and has a photo of herself standing next to one carving out of rock of one letter that is far taller than herself. Of course, Sid is small in stature but she stands tall in the art world.

I'd call her . . . . a rock star!
As always, the photos expand if you click on them.


Malicious Intent said...

from what I can see, her art does indeed rock. So she is a rock star!
Loved it.

Catalyst said...