Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh woe, it's snow!

Regular readers of this sainted blog may recall that I have said I'm originally from North Dakota and that I've seen all the snow I ever want to see in my life. So I moved, many years ago to Arizona. So what do I get this morning?

That's right, folks. That ain't a warm sunny day in the desert! That's snow.

Look at this poor pampas grass.

Nice day for lounging on the patio? I don't think so.

A neighbor said he was worried about the bamboo in his back yard. I assured him that as soon as the snow is gone (and it can't be too soon for me!) the bamboo will spring right back up again.

And I have evidence that a kitty - - possibly Smoke - - visited sometime this morning.

So, how much snow did we get? Oh, I'd say 2 or 3 inches.

Well, I suppose I shouldn't complain. It's the first snow of the winter and probably won't last long. Except the weatherman is saying there are more storms on the way.

Bah, humbug!


Kitty said...

Oh my, the snow really did reach you? :-O It still hasn't gone here - I'm fed up with it! x

Anonymous said...

I love it. You have a great photo opportunity. Wish I was there (chuckle). We haven't been blessed with the snow you have (he said with a sly grin on his face).

Steve in Germany

Catalyst said...

Kitty - I was thinking of you when I posted these!

Steve - I saw that sly grin!!!

Mike said...


It was 76 here in Conroe yesterday. I don't think it got much over 72 today.



Catalyst said...

Just you wait. Remember 76 in January means 110 and dripping in August!

Granny J said...

You remind me of my dad, who, when his famiy left S. Dakota in 1916 to move to Phoenix, said he never wanted to see snow again. He finally visited the Dakotas a couple of years before his death. In the summer.

Catalyst said...

Your dad was a wise man. My last visit was 21 years ago, also in the summer!

Malicious Intent said...

This is WRONG, WRONG do you hear me! We can barely get a dusting here and you get 2 to 3 inches of snow, IN THE DESERT! Gimmeee back our snow!

Catalyst said...

Mal - Oh, if only I could!