Friday, March 20, 2009

A Montana Girl

My cousin, Bonnie Rae, has been here for a couple of days visiting.

It's quite a trip. She lives in Billings, Montana.

Yesterday we spent all day touring Northern Arizona.

First an examination of an Arizona Sycamore tree at Montezuma Castle Park.

Then a trip to Arizona's most popular tourist destination. No - not my house. The Grand Canyon. Bonnie had visited the North Rim but this was her first trip to the South Rim.
She was amazed at the vast number of other tourists there - especially as we hunted for a parking place. We would have found parking easier had we been traveling on these.

We stopped in at a motorcycle shop the other day and Bonnie tried out a Victory bike. I was amazed at the size of the biggest bikes but was assured that while weighing about 800-plus pounds they were delicately balanced and easy to ride on the highway.

I'll take their word for that.

Anyway, it was a good visit with this adventurous Montana girl.


  1. Wow. Nice bikes.

    I haven't seen much of Arizona, but what I've seen was interesting. For pure scenery though, I'll take Montana any day.

  2. Well, like Arizona, a lot of Montana is pretty darn ugly but a lot of it, like Arizona, is beautiful. And it's colder!

  3. Dang you guys sure got around the state! :)

    And those bikes are excellently balanced... right up until you drop it on the side in the parking lot. Then try getting that sucker back upright...

  4. Amazing -- somebody who's seen the North Rim but not the South! This has been a beautiful week to see NoAz.

  5. Cool pics! So I can stay at your place if I ever get over there to see the Grand Canyon? ;-) x

  6. Tombo - I'd be more concerned about being underneath the thing!

    GJ - She said she went to the North Rim on her honeymoon but her husband was so bothered by heights he stayed in the cabin most of the time!

    Kitty - The Canyon is only a 2-hour drive from us and I'd love to show it to you.

  7. I'm laughing now about someone visiting the GC who was afraid of heights! I'd love to see it one day, and Montana too...

    Looks like a good visit, Cat.

  8. Soooo jealous. If I was at the grand canyon and and had a camera, you would have to rip it from my hands and drag me back to the care. I have canyon envy.


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