Thursday, April 9, 2009

The continuing saga

It is my interest to keep you, my readers, up to date on the continuing saga of my eyesight.

For example, Miss Kitty asked today if I was using all of my eye drops. So I just wanted her to be assured that I was. SWMBO assisted by taking a picture during a brief nap.


  1. Looks like you OD on eye drops and water. Nice try, but I still don't think the Mrs. is gonna buy it...I betcha you are going to be presented with a "honey do" list for Easter!

    Nice try though. I respect your enthusiasm and effort.

  2. Oh, you're so easy to fool. Now just what do you think is the same color as water?

    It works!

  3. Funny Photo. Glad things turned out okay.

  4. Ha! I bet that's gin or vodka in that glass. You need to watch that tonic water - it's got a hell of a kick ;-)

    Pleased to hear you're administering the drops correctly - they had that effect on my mother too :-O


  5. Never mix eye drops with vodka.

    This has been today's public service announcement.

    You are still getting a "honey do" list this weekend.

    Unless of course, you are to hungover to move.

  6. the ability to hold one's drink steady while napping is a largely lost art. Good show!

  7. To all - Thank you for your votes of confidence. Regrettably my computer apparently has deep sixed and is now in the fix it shop for perhaps a few days. Back when I can.

  8. Are you doing an impression of your computer? It's really good!

  9. I LOVE this! Thankyou Judy! He looks so peaceful, & harmless, Bless him!!

  10. Wake up Cat, your tongue's hanging out!


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