Saturday, May 23, 2009

I am NOT a stalker!

Well, I thought you oughta know.

Y'see, I have a blog list that is LARGELY occupied by ladies. And they ARE ladies. (Well, most of 'em.)

Heh-heh. Now you're all trying to figure out which one of you . . . AREN'T!

Well, for my money, you all are ladies.

But, with the exception of Mike and Colonel and Lynn and Steve and Tombo (not too sure about him .....KIDDING!) and Anaglyph . . .and Warren. They're all girls! And they're really HOT girls.

But..........I am NOT a stalker.

Sure, they're is Dawn (Whew! - Newfoundland is melting), Joanie (South Carolina is hotter than ever), Kitty (HAH! Don't tell me England is cold!), Sweet Lucy (Hey, France, what can I say!), Meggie (Down Under? Need I say more?), Malicious Intent (The title says it all!), Miss Cellania (Have you seen her pictue?), and finally, but not last, Willow (Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, wow!)

And finally, there's Granny J . . . or Julie. She's the only one of the group that I've actually met. And she's a beautiful young lady.

But . . . . . I am NOT a stalker!!!!


  1. Ok, OK. But if you were, you'd surely be a Gentleman Stalker!

  2. Ha! ha! You've made yourself understood!!
    By the way, would there be more women bloggers than men???

  3. The best defense is an offense, just kidding.

  4. GJ - Hmmm, a Gentleman Stalker. Now THERE's a concept.

    Keats - Y'know, I don't know.

    Steve - Ah, another bad boy!

  5. I have often wondered about the proportion of men to women who blog. I have a lot of quilty friends, & it is true that more women seem to quilt than men...

  6. Men have taken to knitting. Maybe quilting is next.

  7. Wait, did somebody leak those pictures from new years?? I swear, I don't normally dress in drag...

  8. But when you do - - - va, va, va voom!

  9. Have you seen Tom in a dress? :-O Did you get a photo? Can we see it?!

    The weather here is warming up nicely now - I'm sure you'll be pleased to know. I'll try not to whinge about the weather too much. Maybe.


  10. What happened to Tom and I shall remain between Tom and I!

    As for your weather, whine (whinge?????) away.

  11. Stalkers don't normally post on flowers in their garden and chicken piccata...or do they?


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