Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is this the beginning?

Of the monsoon season, that is.

We've been teased this year with cool temperatures and quite a lot of rain in May, which is unusual.

But today, the sky was full of clouds in all directions. And it did rain a bit during the night.

So, maybe the rainy season is nearly here.


  1. I guess that our weird weather is on everyone's mind locally. The problem is that we haven't fried yet! The storms the past couple of days appear to befollowing the track of the jet stream which swooped down the Baja & then back up again through AZ.

  2. I didn't realize that AZ ever got a rainy season! My mom says that TX is really dry, too.

    Gloriously dramatic clouds, though.

  3. It's hot here. The rains usually come in the late afternoons. And be prepared for downpours too!

  4. Welcome to the club. A little Germany weather for you.

  5. Julie - Yes, I wonder if we even will get the hot weather before the monsoon this year.

    Bee - Yes, we usually have a few weeks of rainy days which is called the monsoon season. But this has been an unusual year.

    Keats - Yes, I don't envy you your weather. Much too humid for me.

    Steve - Well all those clouds didn't produce any rain here and today it's bright and sunny again.

  6. Pleazzzz keep your rainy season on your side of the country. It is mid June, we are averaging one day a week with NO rain and in the 70's or 60's. I need to wear a sweater in JUNE. JUNE! I want to go swimming...and not in the front yard! may proceed...

  7. Mal-I -Well, our rainy season isn't like yours. It just rains part of the day or night. And I've worn a sweater a couple of times this month and I live in Arizona! Go figure.


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