Thursday, June 25, 2009


Farrah Fawcett died today at the age of 62 after a three year battle with cancer.

Some bad is always accompanied by some good. Her death gave me the opportunity to post this picture one more time.

...Update: Music superstar and accused child molester Michael Jackson also left us today. Sudden cardiac arrest.


Mike said...

Kind of sad that Farrah had to share her special day, isn't it?

Malicious Intent said...

YOu know she is totally pissed that Michael stole her day. I mean, could not he have waited just one more day and let her have ONE day of headlines. Try and find her in the papers now....wrong, so wrong!

Catalyst said...

It was, especially when she died of cancer and from what I've heard Michael J. died of anorexia, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Catalyst said...

Oh, M.I., you snuck in on me. Yes, we all know they go in threes (I guess Ed McMahon counts as the first) but they could have the decency to put a day or two in between each of them.

meggie said...

The third must be someone we dont really know.
I was saddened to think Farah's death was overshadowed- though that seems an oxymoron. As, has been stated hers was cancer, not some 'plastic' death.
RIP Farah.

Catalyst said...

I guess Billy Mays would be the third though actually he's the fourth. (see comment above)