Monday, June 8, 2009

Weather it's hot or Whether it's cold . .

This has been a strange year so far.

We've had quite a bit of rain in May, when it's not supposed to rain hardly at all.

And here it is the 8th of June and it's cool!

It's not supposed to be cool now. This is nearly the middle of summer, by Arizona standards, and it should be blisteringly hot with people praying for the monsoon season to start.

I was driving to Prescott today and heard the radio announcer say, "It's 89 in Phoenix." Now 89 might be hot where you live but it's nothing in Phoenix.

After all, as any native or tourist knows, it may be hot . . .

You betcha! I mean, 89 in the middle of the day in the middle of summer? Most locals would be out looking for an outdoor basketball game!

I'm not complaining, mind you. While the days and nights have seemed cool this spring and summer, we all know the devastating Global Warmy is out there, waiting.

One of these fine days, the weather will change and we'll all be saying "Oh, helpmegod! Have mercy on us! Bring on the autumn breezes!"

Dry heat or not.


  1. We have the heat and dry weather up here. It's been in the low 80s and clear as a bell.

  2. My god, OM, it's warmer up there than down here! Global Warmy is coming, I tellya.

  3. It's global cooling!

    I was up in your neck of the woods this weekend and wore a sweatshirt the entire time. I can't believe we are having weather like this in June.

  4. This is the nicest spring I remember, and I have lived in Az since 1977.
    If this is climate change, bring it on!!

  5. I think everyone is noticing a shift in weather patterns. Personally, I wouldn't mind a bit of dry heat. Living by the Atlantic tends to be a little damp and bring on arthritis...

    Not that I would know. I'm not THAT OLD yet.... ;-)

  6. QD - I know what you mean about that sweatshirt. My Hawaiian shirts just aren't cutting it this year!

    Dagny - Me, too, and I came out in 1972!

    Dawn - I would think you are many decades from arthritis but we're always glad to share our summer heat.

  7. Been really weird here too and I am it a different time zone and climate!
    Normally May is hot and some rain. It's been dark, rain, dark, rain, once in a while the sun will show up, more darkness and rain.
    Bad storms, dark, rain, then cold, rain, dark. Oh there is the sun again. Never mind, it's gone. Dark, rain, cold. Crap it's June and it's 65 this morning.

    June. 65. Really? Even on the East Coast mid-atlantic in June, we should be seeing 80's to low 90's with ya know, 85% humidity for good measure. Going to be an interesting summer.

    Going to your daughters to bowl.

  8. Gee, maybe it's the Global Cooly!

    Well, the balls are there but I'm not sure if the lanes have been waxed. Good luck!

  9. We have had an unusually wet a cold year so far, but this is Germany.

  10. Steve - (singing) "Springtime for . . ."

    Guess I won't go there!


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