Friday, June 5, 2009

The Wild Blue Yonder

There are four institutions of higher learning in our area: Prescott College, Yavapai College (whose name comes from the Yavapai Apaches who have, among other things, a small reservation housing two casinos), North Central University (an Internet school), and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (one of two campuses, the other being in Florida.) This last school trains pilots, aeronautical engineers, and many other specialties related to flying. Their school mascot is the screaming eagle.

All of which is to say that I took a drive around the backside of the Prescott Airport (Love Field) today and stumbled across the Embry-Riddle "air force".

I assume these airplanes are used for training flights by the students. There are also many, many buildings housing various aspects of the University. (The main campus is a few miles away.)

My favorite building is this one:

I thought the hanging propellor perfectly matched the sign in the lower right.

Meantime, as I was driving around taking pictures, I couldn't help but wonder if someone in this tower was keeping an eye on me!

Feeling somewhat conspicuous, if not amused at the thought of some unsmiling guy in a security vehicle pulling me over to inquire just what I thought I was doing (evidence of reading too many James Bond novels!), I continued on down the road until I entered an area called the Prescott Air Park. It's actually an industrial park with many different businesses having buildings there.

Already feeling some trepidation at my previous imaginings, I was startled when I encountered this beast in front of one of the office buildings.

A closer look at this grizzly's countenance could give a person bad dreams.

As for me, looking at those teeth, I was taken back to my recent contretemps with Smoke!


  1. Does the building actually fly? If not, is that considered false advertising? You might not want to let your daughter see this, might inspire her with some new decorating ideas. ;)

    I know, I am evil. But I have been shut up in the house for four days while on vacation due to it being dark and raining out the entire time and staring at my new pool. We have not even used it yet. I am desperate for entertainment.

    Oh to say that I am desperate and you are to fill that desperation...oh dear this is really going horribly wrong. I am just going to go medicate and go to bed.

    I just watched Me and Marley and I am still cleaning up the mascara. No one warned me that had a sad ending!!!

  2. Gawd, I hadn't thought about the BRD seeing this. Oh, well, I don't think she reads my blog regularly anyway.

    As for your evening plans, isn't Friday evening for self-medication?

  3. That is one scary looking bear!
    A nice trip around your district.

  4. I presume you stopped by the Skyway Cafe, if you still had any appetite left over following the bear encounter. BTW, is he carved from wood -- or plastic? Or possibly stuffed?

  5. Super post. Enjoyed the photos. Great job.

  6. Cat, I don't know how I missed your comment, but I just got around to watching the Sportdrink commercial. That was super. I need to give some of that to the squirrels over here.

    Steve in Germany

  7. meggie - Yes, he doesn't seem to be welcoming.

    Julie - No I missed the Skyway Cafe. I did see one with a different name but I don't recall what it was. The bear may be bronze but, to tell the truth, I'm not sure.

    Steve - Thanks! I've totally forgotten the Sportdrink commercial. Hope Granny J sent you the link to the three week old red squirrel being fed from a bottle. Very cute.

  8. The kind of look like a colony of mosquitoes, don't they?

  9. Fantastic Post !! Really Enjoyed The Post..Great

  10. U-R - Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed it.


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