Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Goldie is a boy!

I just spotted him out lying on the patio and went out and coaxed him over for a good petting session, during which I sneaked a peek in the crucial area.

He also really enjoyed the petting session today and stretched and rolled on the patio.

No more confusion.

He's a he!!!


  1. So, is his name going to stay Goldie, or is it Goldman or Goldstein now?

    He is a handsome boy.

  2. Willow - Oh, I think he'll remain Goldie...short for Golden Boy.

  3. Well I must confess, I was a bit surprised, in this day of neutering, I had wondered just how you would be able to ascertain the sex. Call me inexperienced!
    He is really gorgeous, & I will be SWMBO is feeling very justified in her declaration of him being a HE!

  4. Another unsolved mystery has been solved. Good work.

  5. Hmmmmm. An un-neutered male...he may not have a home. I know I would not let a territorial male with balls still attached in my house! He may be looking for a new pad. As they say with cats, they pick you, you don't pick them.

    You may have been adopted.

  6. ...and you don't have a lot to say about that I am afraid. lol.

  7. Meggie - Unfortunately the neighborhood in which we reside has a lot of young people living in it who apparently don't spay or neuter their animals.

    Steve - Thank you . . and I didn't even need the meat cutting gloves!

    M.I. - Oh he won't get in the house, where we have two neutered females. Smoke is our only boy cat and he's been "fixed". That may be why there seems to be no friction between him and Goldie. And if we don't feed him . . . I think he'll eventually grow tired of us.

  8. bigger he owned? or a stray? regardless those cojones need to be snipped. I can put you in touch with a group in your area to take care of that.

  9. Joyce - He apparently is owned by someone because he never eats here and he is quite healthy and stocky. If he was a stray I would get him fixed.


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