Sunday, July 5, 2009

The glorious 5th of July!

The first part of this post is for my pal, Tombo.

I know he likes classic cars and if he was down on the Row (Whiskey Row) in Prescott yesterday - the 4th of July - he may have seen this brute parked. If not . . . Tombo, here you go.

Now, I wasn't on the Row but I got to see the GTO when SWMBO and I went to the BRD's home for a 5th of July barbecue today. It belongs to the BRD's beau!

You say you want a closer look at the main entree?
Your wish is my command.

Barbecued baby back ribs fresh off the grill!


TomboCheck said...

Dang Cat, I think this whole post was for me! :)

I didn't make it downtown on the fourth, at least not during daylight. We did head down there for a very short time that night, but cars were not what was catching my eye. ;)

The car is awesome! I've always really liked those vertical headlights.

The ribs and spread look great as well. Wish I would have eaten that well this weekend!

Catalyst said...

Yes, the car is spectacular and goes well with his Shelby Cobra (kit-car.)

And the spread was great. I think the BRD has picked up at least one of her talents from SWMBO!

Steve said...

Oh, it makes me hungry.

Catalyst said...

Too bad you weren't there. There was much more food than we could eat!