Sunday, July 5, 2009

The glorious 5th of July!

The first part of this post is for my pal, Tombo.

I know he likes classic cars and if he was down on the Row (Whiskey Row) in Prescott yesterday - the 4th of July - he may have seen this brute parked. If not . . . Tombo, here you go.

Now, I wasn't on the Row but I got to see the GTO when SWMBO and I went to the BRD's home for a 5th of July barbecue today. It belongs to the BRD's beau!

You say you want a closer look at the main entree?
Your wish is my command.

Barbecued baby back ribs fresh off the grill!


  1. Dang Cat, I think this whole post was for me! :)

    I didn't make it downtown on the fourth, at least not during daylight. We did head down there for a very short time that night, but cars were not what was catching my eye. ;)

    The car is awesome! I've always really liked those vertical headlights.

    The ribs and spread look great as well. Wish I would have eaten that well this weekend!

  2. Yes, the car is spectacular and goes well with his Shelby Cobra (kit-car.)

    And the spread was great. I think the BRD has picked up at least one of her talents from SWMBO!

  3. Too bad you weren't there. There was much more food than we could eat!