Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 3rd of July!

Uh, well I don't mean the 4th cuz it's not yet. So I cheated a bit and went to Prescott a day early to look around. I avoid the town on the 4th because it's just too difficult to get around. This is THE BIG HOLIDAY in Prescott, where it's known not so much as the 4th of July as Prescott Frontier Days. The highlight is what is known locally as "the World's Oldest Rodeo." A couple of other towns also claim that honor but Prescott every year stakes its claim once again.

Well, since the bars were jammed already I decided to take a look at the arts and crafts fair on "the Square".

As you might expect, it was mostly western oriented.

One vendor decided to take advantage of the economy with this sign.

I mentioned that the fair was on "the Square". That's the center of Prescott, a tree-lined area one block on each side, surrounding the local courthouse.

There is some permanent art on the square which trys to maintain the western heritage of Prescott.

Along with the arts and crafts vendors, of course there are food vendors as well. One of the favorites is always the fry bread booth.

You, of course, noticed the presence of a lawman there. He's a deputy county sheriff, hoping to maintain order, even if he is wearing a short sleeved shirt!

Throughout the town, western hats are in fashion during Frontier Days. But some people go even further to create a mood.

Then there was this "pretty in pink" number.

But some days, your blogger and photographer just gets dumb lucky. Looking for hats, he spotted the next great sombrero. When I asked the young lady wearing it if I could take her picture, she laughed and said "I always look so dorky in pictures." But I convinced her that I'd make her look beautiful and she posed for me.

Now, if that's a dorky look . . . well, I'll eat her hat!


Mike said...

And I just became a Tigers fan again.

Catalyst said...

Good choice!

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

Happy 4th of July Cat... and I'm glad you didn't have to eat her hat ;)

Catalyst said...

Oh, you noticed.

meggie said...

Wow She looks lovely!
Belated Happy 4th.

Catalyst said...

Yes, she does.

It's still the 4th so your wishes aren't belated. Thank you.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Looking at your post, the song ' Home on the Range' leaps to my mind.
Happy 4th July!

joan said...

I think she will be pleased with her picture. She looks great. I've started carrying cards with me blog address so people can find them.

Catalyst said...

Keats - Often sung there, I'm sure.

Joan - I did that, too, but forget to hand them out.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm a Tigers fan. Nice pair of, I mean photo.

Steve in Germany

Catalyst said...

Yes, Steve, I noticed her eyes too.