Monday, August 3, 2009

Family & Friends

We've just had a busy (and fluid) weekend as two of our grandchildren showed up on Saturday. They are Christina and Lesly.

The BRD apparently was casting a spell here.

Sunday brunch at Casa Bonita and Lesly had her hair down.

While Christy got surprised by the camera.

Outside, J'Norm . . . the BRD's beau . . . was on his way to a classic car show with her and showing off a little car glamour of his own: his Shelby Cobra.

Regular readers of this blog may recall that J'Norm (he can't decide whether his name is Jack or Norm so the BRD created this combo) also has a GTO while the BRD has an '83 Porsche and an '83 Mercedes.

At any rate a fine weekend was enjoyed by all.


Malicious Intent said...

Sweet ride.

Catalyst said...

Yes, 'tis.

Meggie said...

Wow, pretty girls.
I can't get excited about cars, but I have a friend who does. She would be green!!

Catalyst said...

Yes the girls continue a long line of good looking women in this family. Better direct your friend to my blog - I love making people green!

Steve said...

The ladies look very nice and the car also. I have an 89 911. Bought it new, but can't aford to get rid of it. 70K kilometers. Stays in the garage in winter. The other car belongs to my brother.

Catalyst said...

Very nice Steve. I see it is parked in front of the house so I guess that's your front Porsche, eh?

Steve said...

The Porsche is on the driveway on the side near the back of the house. Not sure where my brother's car is parked.