Monday, August 10, 2009


"There's a fine golden haze on the meadow..."

But wait! This isn't Oklahoma and that haze off toward Mingus Mountain isn't golden. It's wood smoke.

There's a 400 acre fire burning up on top of the mountain, in the Prescott National Forest. Forest Service officials have been letting the fire burn as it is in a region marked for treatment, i.e. controlled burning.

Meantime, as a former colleague of mine used to write in any story about forest fires . . . "smoke will settle in low-lying areas as temperatures cool after sundown."


Meggie said...

It is not yet summer here but they have been doing some controlled burns, as they assure us we are in for a long hot summer. Since we have had quite a wet winter, the growth is rather lush.

Malicious Intent said...

Isn't that scary? Would scare me.

Catalyst said...

Meg - They do controlled burns here every year.

M.I. - No, it's far away from civilization and well controlled by the Forest Service.

Malicious Intent said...

Well ya know out here in the west we just hear all these horror stories about the fires out west, which is why I guess it would be pretty unsettling to me if I saw puff's of smoke coming up over the horizon. But strange enough, you do want to stop and just stare at the same time.
There something beautiful about creation, time before business as usual kinda thing. Know what I mean?

Catalyst said...

Yes, I do. Never got anywhere close to this one though so just far distant plumes of smoke. Apparently it's out now.