Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Several more businesses bite the dust

The Little Cafe (very aptly named) has fallen on hard times. Previously it was Apple Pan 2. Before that it was Uncle Sal's sandwich shop. In its latest incarnation, it has been closed for about a month.

No one, it seems, can make a go of it in this tiny location, which is fairly close to where I live in Prescott Valley.

A sign on the front door explained the reason this time.

Meantime, in Prescott, Granny J recently noted the passing of the Stepping Stones thrift store. I dropped a box of dishes off at the store in Prescott Valley this morning and asked an employee what had happened. While acknowledging that the Prescott store had only been open for a few weeks, he said no one knew why it had closed or if a new location would be found. As he put it, "no one tells us anything." So the mystery continues.

And another closing has been reported in downtown Prescott. Sweet Tarts, a restaurant with delicious home-made French pastries, also has closed its doors. No word on why, except for "the economy."


Granny J said...

Curious. That one spot sounds like a location/location/location problem. On the other hand, the case of Stepping Stones is truly a mystery. To add further to the confusion, my cabbie today said that he's seen business picking up the past couple of weeks, with some regulars now back at work after having been laid off. And foodservice workers at that. Go figure.

Catalyst said...

Sweet Tarts sounds like some poor management decisions. The Little Cafe, I think, is the size of the place. But Stepping Stones, as you say, is a mystery. The store in P.V. is nearly overwhelmed with business all the time, it seems.

Meggie said...

It is much the same over here. Food outlets seem to be suffering, though the fast foods are still alive & kicking. The Op shops seem to be doing very well.