Friday, September 18, 2009

Facebook Follies

Oh, my god.

I have warned friends about this.

But now I have succumbed.

Facebook has taken over my life.

I finally got into it and now I have found multiple former friends, people I used to work with, some of them for a long time, some of them very briefly.

But now.

Thanks to Facebook.

They are my friends.

And I am finding that I am checking the page tens, hundreds, thousands of times a day.

What have I become?

Okay, gotta go.

Got to check Facebook.


  1. So that is where you are hanging out!!
    I must be a freak, as I just don't GET Facebook!
    I am on there, but mainly to see relative's pics.

  2. Since my only close relative is computer illiterate, for me it's about old friends.

  3. Funny, that's the second post I've read about the allure of Facebook. I find it very easy to resist, I don't even like looking at old photographs. I expect the novelty will wear off and you'll be yourself again.


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