Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A great radio station!

As I was perusing the New York Times on the web this morning, I ran across an article about Scott Johnston. He's a Montana man with a dream, which he made come true. Johnston runs a low power radio station playing wonderful music - - from his front porch! The 100 watt wonder has a coverage area of only a few miles north of Creston, Montana. But thanks to streaming audio on the Internet, KXZI can be heard all over the world. I've been listening to it this morning and I'm hooked. Johnston bases the station's playlist on music you may never have heard but wished you had. Just scanning the list now, one finds Precious Bryant, Eric Clapton, Clinton Fearon, Koko Taylor, Duke Robillard and the Eagles.

Johnston's radio station is a 24-hour one-man band. He's the only employee and he's got a great smooth delivery. You don't hear him much. He never announces the songs he plays though you can identify all the performances by scanning the playlist on his website.

That website is Check it out. I think you'll become a fan as I have.


Lucy said...

I might just do that.

Isn't it great that the internet can carry things like that all over the world?

Catalyst said...

It is truly amazing. The last radio station I worked for was only about 8 miles from my home yet it had such a puny signal I couldn't tune it in here. But now, if I want, I can call it up on the Internet and it's crystal clear.

Bee said...

Isn't it wonderful that we can live in wild, lonely places now -- and yet still be connected to the wider world?

Catalyst said...

It is amazing. When I was a ham radio operator, I used to talk to people all over the world. But now with the Internet, I can communicate even better.