Saturday, September 12, 2009

I want a drink!

I had just filled the fountain and a couple of dishes with water.

But Smoke apparently didn't want to drink from the cat dish.

He wanted a drink from the fountain.

Meanwhile, watching from a distance was the long-missing Goldie. Haven't seen him for several weeks but there he was this morning. But he was keeping a safe distance and would not allow me to approach him.


Malicious Intent said...

Our cats are kinda spoiled, will only drink running water. Had to resort to special water dishes that make the water pour all the time.

Hmmmmm, wonder if Goldie had a scuffle with someone or something?

Catalyst said...

I think he just hasn't been around for awhile and had partially forgotten me.

Malicious Intent said...

Now you know I have to come back over here and harass you. :)

Gee, I look good? That is good?
Um...Thank you? I must say, I am flattered....but honestly darling...raise the bar a bit, it's ok..I won't be offended. lol I'm tired, cranky and look horrible and I know it. There is no hiding that!

And if you were just being a smarty pants...BRAVO! hehehe
You know I respect that!