Friday, September 4, 2009


That tuna melt lunch yesterday was pretty good but not nearly as good as lunch today with the BRD and SWMBO at the Asylum in Jerome. This hotel restaurant has marvelous views with a few tables right by the windows overlooking the Verde Valley.
Here's a guy with one of the busiest jobs in the place.

Dark wood. Candlelight. It's enough to make you want to spend the day. And the night. If you didn't have to drive back down the mountain to home. Nice afternoon, though.


  1. I can imagine negotiating the 89A road over the hills back to Prescott after a couple or several too many...Woohoo!

  2. Ah in a younger life when I lived between Cottonwood and Clarkdale, I used to go to the Spirit Room for a few beers and some music, then drive back down the hill as fast as I could. Woohoo, indeed!

  3. Wow, nice digs. Shame I cannot drink...but I betcha that guy behind the bar could figure out some kind of fancy drink for me with no booze in it. I like places like that.

  4. We started lunch with Bloody Marys. I'm sure he could have concocted a tasty Virgin Mary for you!

  5. V-8 with a lot of old bay and some for me!

  6. Lovely inviting interior pics, lots of atmosphere. I could enjoy myself there I reckon!

  7. It's a lovely restaurant and the food is grand (as was the wine!)

  8. Hey BT
    Great piece on one of my very,very favorite places!...nice photos too.
    Cindy Brown:)

  9. Oh, Cindy! Thank you!

    " of my very, very favorite places..."

    You're living too well, my friend!


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