Friday, September 25, 2009

Art, music, food - what more could you want?

SWMBO and I did something we rarely do anymore, we went out at night. We went to the Raven for an opening of an art show by several artists.

Some of the art can be seen over the head of a singer who entertained the crowd.

On another wall . . art of a different sort. The artist is on the right in the photo below: Bill Cramer.

Also in attendance were the BRD . . .

and her Beau . . .

I must say the noise level was way too high for my old ears. But I took a climb up the stairs to see the newly opened rooftop deck. Very nice. I should have snapped a picture but didn't.

After that we traveled over a couple of blocks for a lavish east Indian dinner at the newly-opened restaurant Taj Mahal. The Taj has recently moved from Frontier Village to a downtown location, which most recently was Zuma's restaurant on north Montezuma street. Again the camera stayed sheathed as we all dove into food.


  1. Art, Music, Food- indeed, a splendid combination. Nice pictures.

  2. Aert, music, food -- and an elevator to the roof garden.

  3. Thanks DUTA.

    Julie - You are exactly correct.

  4. We rarely go out in the evenings now! Your outing would have tempted me though. Lovely pics.

  5. Thanks, Meggie. A couple of them are fuzzy though.


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