Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Topping it off

A next door neighbor had this Cottonwood tree in his front yard. It was probably 50 feet tall. Until this morning. Going out to the mailbox, I noticed tree cutters hard at work. I asked them if they were going to take it down but they said they had been asked by the owner to reduce its height.

A few hours later, the job was done.

I'm not sure why the owner wanted the tree cut back but probably he was worried about windstorms toppling the top portion onto his duplex.


  1. They did a good job. It looks like a nice shapely tree. Wonder if they want to take care of one of mine...

  2. The first photo almost looked like a tree that had fallen over. I had to do a double take on that one.

    Around here during the rainy season, you will often see rather large trees fallen over. Kinda scary.

  3. Mally - I think that's what they were trying to avoid here.

  4. At least they left it in good shape!

  5. Yes, I think they did a good job.


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