Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall color (???)

After reading about fall colors in the newspaper the other day, SWMBO and I headed north today to the Flagstaff area to check them out.

Arizona's highest point, Humphrey's Peak, had a dusting of snow on top.

There was some color on another hillside but SWMBO determined it was some kind of shrubbery.

But we did find a few young aspens that had changed color. This was behind a big snag of dead wood from seasons past.

It makes a difference in color as to which side the photograph is taken. The first picture, above, was taken with the sun at my back. The second one was taken more into the sun.

In spite of the many signs along the highway, we once again saw no elk. But as I was walking over to take the above photos, SWMBO did spot several deer bounding away through the trees and I caught a glimpse of them.

But they were too far away for the camera to catch them.

More photos tomorrow.


  1. I've always enjoyed driving up into that area to see fall foliage. Sorry to hear the aspens aren't doing well.

  2. Yes we knew nothing of the aspens problem until we got to the area that should have been golden everywhere. It is sad.


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