Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween - Prescott - 2009

Some say Halloween is the biggest holiday of the year in Prescott. I may agree. Costumes are amazing.

But this guy may just be "normal" for the day.

But close behind the costumes began.
My wife tells me dead celebrities are big this year. Like Michael Jackson.

Some are traditional (the cat in the hat), others are showing the zombie look.
Then there's the . . . transsexual look?
Ladies seem to like the sexual look . . even when accompanying their teensy children.
Or not.
And then, the zombies are back.
And the kids.
A pirate? Wasn't that last year?
There was "the Wild Gang".
Bat-er up!
And finishing up . . . the zombies again.

I talked to a cab driver. She said most people were having dinner. The "action" didn't really start until about 9 p.m. The bars have their costume contests beginning at 10.
I'm too old for this!


  1. Nice photo coverage. They must have enjoyed posing for the master.

  2. I am getting to old to.
    I tried dressing up like a pirate/wench and looked more like a clown, this why I painted a red nose on my picture...which I took on Wed night just before we left for our autism Halloween bowling night. The group home guys who came in dressed as the Ghost Busters stole the shoe.

    Such Diva's!

    I think of few of those alleged Zombies were not costumes. I think they may have been the real deal. What do you have going on down there in the desert???? Eh?

  3. Steve - I'm not so sure about "the Master" but they did seem to enjoy posing.

    M.I. - I don't know but they were headed for Whiskey Row to cure it or kill it!

  4. Brave Cat-A, to be out of a Halloween Eve! Glad to see you caught some of Prescott Style's zombie crowd.

  5. Ah, not that brave, Julie. I had only one beer and was home before 7.

  6. Looks like you caught a good crowd for being out that early! :)

  7. Not too bad. I hope some of you younger photogs stayed up later and will share your photos.

  8. I didn't trust myself to carry around a camera on halloween. :) So no pictures from me.

  9. The bloodfeasting Prescottstyle Zombies appreciate your coverage.
    You were lucky you didn't get mauled by us in front of St. Michaels.

  10. OMG, this was so fun to see. And you were so brave to venture out into the crowds on Halloween evening. I saw some of those same people on Sunday morning, still in costume. So glad you went and shared it all with all of us who stayed in.

  11. By Sunday morning, those zombies probably felt as bad as they looked!

  12. Michael Jackson is a good scary choice dead or alive, if you could tell the difference!

    Halloween stateside never ceases to amaze me.

  13. Lucy - I think the Halloween craze began in earnest during the time I was living in Mexico - late '80's/early 90's. I know I was surprised when we returned to see houses decorated for the holiday. Stores were full of costumes, jack o lanterns, etc. Seemed to me to be a second Christmas so probably the retailers dreamed it up.

  14. What fun! It is definitely an adult event now isn't it?

  15. Joan - Only for those who show up on Whiskey Row (where these pictures were taken).

    A few blocks away, on Mt. Vernon street, police block off the street and thousands of youngsters go from door to door.

    In many different ways, Prescott is a bi-polar community.


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