Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An inch or snow of snow

Prescott Valley escaped the brunt of the storm. I'd guess we got maybe an inch of snow. Here are some cat tracks out our front door.

I notice the neighbors garbage dumpster has blown over into their front yard. That probably happened last night when the wind was blowing at 50+ miles per hour. There was one wind gust clocked at 70 miles per hour just before 11 o'clock and it sounded like the roof was going to come loose.

Here's the view, with a blaze of sunlight, out the rear door.

As you can see, we were just low enough to avoid most of the snow. Higher elevations around the state, particularly up around Flagstaff, got up to 30 inches of snow and several highways are closed.


Jarart said...

The wind is the thing that surprised me. We have things blown all over the yard and one section of fence blown down. I was glad to not have to go out last night!

Steve said...

Glad you survived the first one. I heard another storm is on its way.

Catalyst said...

Yes, that wind was terrible.

I just came back from a trip across town. On route over, it was like driving on greased glass as all roads were ice-covered. But coming back the sand trucks, the graders and the sun had pretty much cleaned most highways off.

Meggie said...

Amazing! We have been sweltering, & last night were so happy when a Southerly came blustering through to cool us down!

willow said...

I am green-green with envy.

Catalyst said...

Right now, Meggie, that sweltering weather sounds kind of good!

Willow - We are white and definitely not enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

Love the cat tracks!
Great photos :)

Granny J said...

The wind demolished a shed on my little house down in Wilhoit. Get a splendid pic from the tenants, which I will be posting.

Catalyst said...

Thanks, Dawn.

Sorry to hear that, Julie.