Sunday, March 7, 2010

Me and my big mouth!

I should have known better.

Yesterday I was bragging to some friends back East that it was pushing 60 degrees here. This morning, it became evident that rain had fallen during the night. And a little while ago . . . WHAT? SNOW? AGAIN? YeGods!

Now the good part is that it's warm enough that most of it is melting as soon as it hits the ground. But it is sticking on other things. Like the car. And the garbage can lids. And the satellite dish. THE SATELLITE DISH? Yes, and once it gets a nice coating, our television service cuts out. And tonight is the Academy Awards telecast.

So I finally did something I'd been told about once and kept putting off. I got the ladder out, climbed up to the satellite dish, brushed the snow off and then sprayed the entire surface with Pam Olive Oil cooking spray! I know. It sounds crazy. But I've been told that the slippery surface will then cause the snow to slide off and not stick. So far, so good. But we'll see. I have my fingers crossed.


willow said...

The snow is FINally melting off the drive today, so I can get out and walk. Yay-o-yay!

Catalyst said...

The PAM didn't work. Second time I used silicone spray. Lots of it. Then it stopped snowing and began raining. Rain is good. It doesn't stick to the satellite dish. Then it snowed again. Then it stopped again. Gawd, I'm tired of this!

Steve said...

We have had two days of sun after our last snow. It hasn't gotten above freezing, but the warmth through the window is nice.