Saturday, May 15, 2010

Prescott Flora

These trees are a common sight in Prescott.

They begin with a pinkish color but change to dark red which can look nearly black from a distance.

I asked the expert in my home, SWMBO, what they were. She didn't know. I asked if they were Flowering Plum trees. She said they were not. Then I went to the Interwebs. Guess what? Flowering Plum.

Here is a somewhat murky attempt at a macro look at the leaves.

Then nearby was this little bush, covered with yellow posies, so far unidentified.

And finally, one of the banes of this area. Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed detritus from Cottonwood trees, you would be correct. This white stuff sheds from the trees, floats through the air and lands on the ground. Many people are allergic to it so it is not a pretty sight when it begins the moulting process this time of year.


Meggie said...

How very interesting. I dont think we have the cottonwood trees over here. Goodness knows we have enough awful privet which irritates so many people. Our neighbour has let one go feral & now it blocks all the sun from my clothesline.
Another neighbour has just felled a beautiful flowering plum.

Katherine said...

Wow they're beautiful trees & that looks like snow on the ground. If I were there I would be sneezing my head off! But it is lovely!