Friday, June 4, 2010

Eeeeeek! What is it?


Suz said...

I think

I have one in my garden and at night from the upstairs window it looks downright spooky.....
a color changing solar orb
what do
i win?

Everyday Goddess said...

too big to be a mood ring.

too small to be a UFO, I guess, because if it is a UFO I'd be pretty disappointed.

I'm stumped. Gonna tell us?

THE BEATY said...

um is it one of those color changing pool lights or a UFO

Catalyst said...

Suz! You were too clever for me. She's exactly right. It's a solar powered light that brightens up and changes colors throughout the night.

The Beaty also had the right answer, although I don't have a pool.

As for the Everyday Goddess - - what can I say?

Suz, you win the imaginary Wicked Wonder Award. Congratulations.

Suz said...

truly it is a wicked wonder!
my husband bought me if one wasn't enough to scare the neighbor's kids