Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Riordan Mansion

In 1904 two brothers, who had taken over a lumber mill in Flagstaff, Arizona, had a mansion built for their two families. One family lived in one house, the other in the other. But the homes were joined and very modern for their time. Here are some photos of them from a tour SWMBO and I took recently. The homes are now the center of a state historical park.

For the two young men with a lumber mill, they had an ample supply of wood for building material. But they also used native stone.

Of particular interest were the stained glass sections of various windows.

Photographs are not allowed inside but if you're ever in the area a tour of the mansion is highly recommended.


  1. Very nice. Looks like it would be worth a visit.

  2. I agree...worth a visit

  3. Looks neat Cat! Which state historical park are these located at?

  4. TC - It's the "Riordan Mansion" State Historic Park. Adjacent to NAU in Flagstaff.

  5. I guess I will never make it to the real one, so thankyou kindly for your tour!