Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some pretty bad "art"

These two, uh, creations are outside of some weird business outside of Cottonwood, Arizona. The first is a rather poor representation of Kokopelli. You can read more about him by Googling him.

The second is alleged to be a "good luck" statue from some small island south of South Korea.

The most amusing thing about these statues is that they are parked on land directly across from a huge new Roman Catholic church. The bug-eyed one and a twin companion both stare at the church all day.

The creators may have a bit of a screw loose but at least they have a sense of humor!


Everyday Goddess said...

Can't wait to see the Christmas decorations they will be wearing, because you know they will be!

sheri... said...

yeah, i see what you mean...wasn't there any other place in the city to build a church? perhaps the congregation just isn't that skeered of what kolopelli and a good luck charm could do??
the photos are both pretty cool and your story is not only interesting but kind of funny, too!

Catalyst said...

EG - Good point!

S - Actually the church was built first and it's outside the town in an open area. I blogged about it and snapped a photo back awhile (September 22, 2009).

kathew said...

oh my gosh- I'd be decorating them for every stinking holiday...the
4th of July is coming up...hint hint...