Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A new intersection

The new Side Road intersection has been under construction for months. But progress is finally being seen.

The highlight, of course, is a new overpass crossing Highway 89-A.

It finally is spanning the highway though much finish work is still to be done.

I wonder, by the way, who came up with the scintillating name of "Side Road" for . . . a side road.


  1. These things stick. There's a road in Asheville that was an alternative route for driving cattle to market -- back in the mid-1800s. It's still called New Stock Road.

  2. There must have been meetings and think tanks and a great deal of thought put into the name of that road. Probably a lot of overtime money was paid before it was decided.

  3. The concept was actually designed by early transportation engineer, Susan Side as way to alleviate some traffic flows--especially between cars and wagons. But "back in the day" she had to disguize herself as a man because being an engineer was "out of place" for a woman. And keeping with that theme, people couldn't call it a "Suzie Road".