Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rain, blessed rain

Yes, there was rain in those clouds. And it's been falling steadily but lightly now for a day or more.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Most of the time, it's just a light sprinkle . . a mist, actually. But sometimes the moisture builds up in the clouds and it comes down in a torrent.

However - - it is a blessing for our parched, dry Arizona. Yes, there is occasional flooding but if people are careful that usually doesn't cause problems.

The plants are thriving and pleased at their long-awaited drink.
P.S. - In case you come under the same confusion as SWMBO, that second photo is NOT of a marijuana crop in our backyard. It's bamboo!


  1. We have been getting tons of rain at night with plenty of sunshine during our days....makes for a nice summer I think....:-)Hugs

  2. Bernie - Ah, Alberta. When we lived in Mexico it was much the same way during the rainy season. I loved it.

  3. ah, i see i wasn't the only one who wondered why you were willing to share such a nice crop of pot :) almost took my mind off of how wonderful it was to hear that your precious land is getting it's long awaited drink!

  4. Honey locust and willow I would say
    Rain is wonderful
    Did Detroit get wet?

  5. Suz - I haven't seen Blackie Detroit in several days. But he or someone is eating the food in the garage.

  6. We had a little rain yesterday, too, and cooler temps today....ahh.

  7. congratulations on the rain.
    Plenty of it round here!

  8. Don't you love the smell of the first rain on dry, dry earth? Normally in London we don't need to complain about the lack of rain - but this year the grass is just dust.

  9. Madame - Check with Friko. She says she has plenty!

    hope that you enjoy one or two,
    Happy August!

    thanks for commenting on my magpie tale!