Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More from Jerome

I have some more pictures of Jerome today, courtesy of my friend who toured the town with me recently. From the first two, you can see some of the old charm of a once-abandoned mining town.

(Click on photos to expand)

This is an old movie projector from a former theatre, now a museum.

Betty Boop is very big in town.

And Catalyst, with an old friend from the late 50's.

(All photos courtesy T. Decker Cochrun)


annell said...

Oh such a magic little town. I was there once, with one I loved....he is gone, but you remind me of him, and his words, "We will meet again in the Mountains."
And through your pics, I feel we met again today.

Steve said...

Elvis is the man. No, Cat, you are the man.

Catalyst said...

Steve - Thank yuh. Thank yuh ver' much.

Meggie said...

Oh, I love Betty Boop! She was before my time, really, but I had a small plastic figure of her in my childhood, & she seemed to represent happiness.

Jarart said...

I like the one of you and Elvis! But where is your shot of you and the Babe in the swimsuit? I wasn't sure who she is.

Catalyst said...

Judy - First of all, it's not a swimsuit. Second, I wasn't asked to pose with her. Third, I can't believe you're not familiar with Betty Boop! Google her.

Jarart said...

Hmmm....I know about Betty Boop. That isn't who I was talking about and now I wonder if someone bought the young blonde in question since I was there last because I know you would have noticed her. Tell you what, I'll post her on my blog on Sunday.

Catalyst said...

Ahhh, my mistake. I can't remember the young blonde but I'll be waiting (anxiously) for your Sunday post!