Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh, those years

I don't know why. But every once in awhile I have a day where I feel every one of my years. That's about a month shy of 70-and-a-half right now. No particular reason. Oh, I didn't sleep very well last night. And my morning paper wasn't in the driveway when I went out to get it. (That's the Sunday New York Times - the only paper we take and SWMBO is never happy when we don't get one.) But we went out for breakfast, which as it turned out, neither one of us really wanted. And I picked up a copy of the Times at a grocery store. So, no loss there.

But, I just felt kind of off all day. Creaky in the joints, sort of tired. A short afternoon nap didn't seem to help. I took a picture of myself a few minutes ago and it seems to tell the story.

That kisser ain't very young anymore. Lines in the forehead, bags under the eyes. The beard is nearly all white, though the gray in my hair still is fairly well disguised by the brown. I was in to see an eye doctor a week or so ago and asked her what color my eyes were. She looked and said they were hazel. Well, I always thought they were blue but I'd noticed recently that they didn't look a bit like Paul Newman's always did. I guess that's just one more part of me that's blanding down as I age.

This could get real depressing if I didn't remember what an old friend of mine used to say.

I'd say, "Aw, this old age is for the birds." He'd say "Yeah, but it beats the alternative." That always got a laugh. Up until the alternative caught up with him.


  1. If your optician says you have brown eyes then I suggest you change optician - they are clearly blue!

  2. I always saw/see your eyes as blue?
    We all seem to have days where we feel at least 100!
    And, to think.... I used to look forward to Retirement. Hah!

  3. Oo-la-la. I say you look handsomely Hemingway-ish, Mr. C.

  4. They do say that we are as old as we feel. I would rather be as old as my mind works. It still has me in my forties and on ocassion in my thirties. However when it tells my body to do something at those ages, It doesn't get much cooperation.