Wednesday, September 22, 2010

O.K. He's ours!

Some time back regular readers of my postings here may recall I talked about a stray cat that seemed attracted to us. (Probably because we started feeding him.) Since he was black, I called him Blackie. Then I was talking to a neighbor who said he wasn't her cat, he just sort of came around. She said she called him Detroit. So I began calling him Blackie Detroit. There's even a short video of him on You Tube.

Well, he was becoming more and more interested in coming into the house (wherein reside two female cats). Blackie Detroit is a male, unfixed. So we let him come into the garage to eat and sleep but no further. Finally, I said "Oh, hell" or something like that and took him to the Humane Society to be neutered. Then we brought him inside.

Blackie Detroit, whom I now officially call "Blackwell", showed his thanks by eating everything in sight.

About that ear. The nice young lady said since he was a feral cat and I hadn't decided at that point whether he should come in or not they could notch one of his ears. That way, if someone else picked up the cat and brought him to the Humane Society to be neutered, they would know by the notch that he had already been there. I anticipated a small "notch". What I got was a cat with the tip cut off his left ear! Neither SWMBO nor I were pleased about that but what can you do?

Anyway, in spite of criticism by the other two cats (Muggles and Jazz), Blackwell has been making himself at home. The other day he curled up for a nap . . . in a box Jazz had taken for her own! She glared from a distance.

Jazz expresses her dismay, disdain, perhaps outright hatred of this little imposer by growling, moaning and occasionally spitting when he comes too close. She is, as the British royals are said to say, "not amused."

But the outbursts seem to be coming less and less and it appears, in time, that she will learn to live with him. In the meantime, SWMBO and I have been policing the occasional set-to's and saying to ourselves "why have we brought this on ourselves."

I guess it's "cat love".


Katherine said...

We too have had a stray choose us for his new family. He's a ginger cat & Oh so cute. He also needs to be neutered. Originally I was trying to find him a home but although everyone thought he was ridiculously cute no one wanted him. So he is still here & we're all attached now, so he will be staying. We have named him Ringo! They are clever animals, they know how to worm they way into your heart!
Your cats are beautiful!

Catalyst said...

Congratulations to Ringo for having chosen you. Cats also seem to know who will treat them best.

Everyday Goddess said...

I think he's a cutie! maybe she will too

Catalyst said...

"To all things there is a season . . ."

Entre Nous said...

You are truly a wonderful human.

Catalyst said...

Oh, I think that may be going a bit far.

Steve said...

Cat, you did a good deed. Good on you and SWMBO.

Suz said...

You had me laughing good this morning...I'm going through the same thing having taken in that tiney 2 week old kitten and hand raising the displeasure of all other cats in the house!
But little by little it is getting which one...I wish I knew...I think Miss Kitty O'Shea...Love you and SWMBO for helping one of God's creatures....Great name by the way
Loved the photo of the box envy

Anonymous said...

"Since he was black, I called him Blackie" reminded me of my grandfathers black labrador, he then had a golden retriever called Rusty and a West Highland terrier called Snowy. I am so delighted that Blackie has a much grander name.

Catalyst said...

Steve - Neither of us can resist a cat or, especially, a kitten.

Suz - Yes, that "box envy" shot really tells the story.

Madame B - Sometimes we men aren't very imaginative. The "Blackwell" name just sort of evolved.

Lucy said...

Let's hope love and patience in the day and all the moggies live happily ever after!

(Just getting over the mantis sex...)

Catalyst said...

Lucy - I think it's the hornets that have you flustered!

Anonymous said...

You're such a softie. Blackwell is a lucky cat... even with half an ear!

Catalyst said...

Dawn - Yes I (we) am/are. Blackwell may not be convinced of his luck yet. He wants to play and Muggles shies away from his exhuberance. Jazz still moans, growls and spits when he gets too close. But she is curious.

Meggie said...

Love you for adopting Blackwell.
Since we adopted Morty, he has developed a game of teasing Honey. He dances in front of her, & she snaps & growls at him~ to his apparent delight! They seem to play out this game every day, so we guess they are both happy.
I do love having another cat about our home, after years of no cat...or dogs.