Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blackwell's new collar

We are trying to convert Blackwell from being an outdoor cat to an indoor cat.  But that is not an easy task.  Every time a door opens, he makes a dash for it and the outer world.  So, I insisted on a collar and a tag.  He has that now as well as a bell, which he is not happy about.  But the color looks very good on him, I think.



  1. just feed him alot...
    and don't let him out
    I've had few like this...takes time and love and attention and distraction....and maybe a perch on a window sill..and diligence on your of mine ran into the attached garage and thought he had escaped...ha ha
    I let him have it..the fantasy

  2. I tried really hard to keep Morty an indoor cat. Alas, he now visits the neighbour daily, and today, disgraced himself by capturing a bird. I rescued the little bird, and took it to the vet. We think it will survive.


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