Monday, November 8, 2010


As I look around some of my favorite blogs it appears everyone is writing about Fall and colder temperatures either present or in the offing.  It feels a little chilly coming in my open window today too so I guess I'd better check the weather forecast.


Ohhh!  Can winter be far behind?  The sun is still shining but weakly and there are a lot of thin clouds up in the sky. 
Let's see.  Where has SWMBO put my sweaters?  Time for the turtlenecks to take over.  And, yes, I do still wear turtlenecks, mostly black ones.  I remember once a couple of decades ago when a young intern in my office stared at my beard and my black turtleneck and asked "Are you a beatnik?"  Guess I was a bit of one back in the late 50's.  I don't know what I'd be called now.  Maybe an ageing hippy!
I had to go to The Google to look up whether there should be an e in ageing or not, as aging.  Neither looks right to me but The Google says "ageing" (with the e) is associated with British and Australian English and "aging" (without the e) is more used in American and Canadian English.  I'm an American who grew up within 50 miles of Canada.  But since I've been blogging I've made many friends in Britain and Australia.  So now I don't know how to spell it.  Maybe I'll just go with my standby: an "older" hippy.
Or is that hippie?
Well . . . now you know how blog posts are made.  From nothing.  To nothing.


The Bug said...

LOL. You're very funny.

Catalyst said...

Some days are better than others, Bug!

Jarart said...

LOL! I was accused of being an old hippie once, by a son-in-law. He's an ex-son-in-law now. I didn't mind. I'm sure I've been called other things, just not to my face.
The spelling lesson was great fun. I have to say, it is a bit confusing. And no spell check on these comment pages. (or is it 'confuseing';)

Catalyst said...

Judy, it may be confuzing. Or confuzeing. And if we keep this up it may become unreadable!

Jerry said...

Sometimes it's best just to say what's on your mind at the time. Oh, I wear turtle necks too.

Catalyst said...

Good for you!

Bee said...

The eye adjusts. The English like the extra vowel, always -- ageing, or humour, for example. The longer I live here, the more I favour English spellings.

Thank goodness blogging gives us a forum for museing on these important matters! (musing may be preferable, actually)

p.s. I'm very fond of ageing hippies.

Catalyst said...

Bee - As I have said, I grew up near Canada and can remember the glorious day when the Queen formally took the crown. As a boy, I spent all day listening to the broadcast from England on nearby Canadian radio stations.

p.s. And I of beautiful Texas ladies!