Thursday, December 2, 2010

Remotely Problematical

 Yesterday apparently was my half-zeimers' day.

It began when I was commenting on a blog post by my friend Meggie in Australia.  I was writing about one of our cats, named Blackwell.  Except, I called him Blackwood.

Then, a little later, SWMBO was having a problem at a discount store that refused to accept either of her credit/debit cards.  We both knew that each account had funds in it.  So, I told her on the telephone to go to the bank to get it figured out.  After several permutations, the nice lady at the bank told SWMBO that the problem was with the terminal in the store and had nothing whatsoever to do with her cards.  As a matter of fact, she said, she had had the same problem with the same store with one of HER cards recently.  Apparently the store's card readers get dirty and that's the result.

Of course, as SWMBO was relating this entire story to me, I was getting more and more "worked up" and more than a little ticked off at the store for treating my wife as if she was a common crook and embarrassing her. 

Then I had to go run some errands and when I got to the car I found in my hand (1) the car keys, (2) my small camera that I take with me everywhere, (3) a notebook that also accompanies me, (4) my billfold, and (5) the remote control for one of the television sets in our home!

I walked sheepishly back into the house, handed the remote to SWMBO and said "I don't know what I thought I was going to do with this!" 

She laughed and said "You certainly would have confused me when I tried to turn the television on."

My response, "Maybe you could have tried one of your ATM cards!"

Yes . . . old age is a b_____ but at least it can be amusing some times.


Suz said...

oh your poor wife
glad it got straightened out
I hope she tells the store to clean its terminals
and as for the clicker in your hand..nice try
my husband is glued to his remote

Jarart said...

I always feel so sorry for the poor clerk in these stores. They get the brunt of everyone's frustration and most of the time it isn't their fault. People tend to hold them responsible for all that happens in the store. They don't get paid enough for that.
I have been on both ends of this scenario and it isn't fun from either end. Cash is good.
And of course the odd box of corn flakes does sometimes end up in the refrigerator and the milk in the pantry but, hey, we have more important things to think about. (I can't remember what.)

Anonymous said...

My problem is running to get something from a room and once I get there completely forgetting what it was I wanted - today I opened my fridge 4 times before remembering I was looking for garlic, which I don't even store in the fridge but oddly enough right next to the garlic crusher ...

Colonel Colonel said...

Amy & I each have a key to the car, so if she can't find hers, she comes to me for her "alternate set".

Nothing else is attached to it.

I feel so behind times...

Meggie said...

A friend used her TV remote to dial her husband, on his mobile... needless to say he did not answer!
As to pet name confusion~ time passes so fast, it is a wonder I remember my own name!!