Thursday, December 30, 2010


Blackwell looks out the window this morning and says . . . WTF?

A little later, the sky darkens, the snow begins again and the wind picks up.



  1. ha ha my kitty said the same thing..

  2. Love the Cat's amazement... Thankfully someone cared enough to take it to a vet before it found new people to own. They clipped all the feral's ears i had fixed as well. When they said 'notch' I didn't expect half an ear, sigh...

    And here I was thinking of moving me and my herd to AZ to get away from the snow. :}

  3. Yes, we had him "notched" and were amazed when they brought him out with a third of his ear lopped off.

    But don't sweat the snow, it won't stay around long.

  4. Snow in Arizona and talking cats.
    ......this would of been nice a week ago I'm sure.....:-)Hugs

  5. Surprised to see snow on your AZ vista...I just don't put the two together...I think of the summer and spring visits. Love the shot of Blackwell. WTF indeed.

  6. Blimey - it's not often you get that, there, is it?! Our has just melted, thank goodness. I hope we don't get any more. I hope you and yours all have a wonderful 2011. :) x

  7. We are at 5,000 feet - the same as Denver - so snow is not unusual but we haven't received more than a dusting in the past few years. I'll be perfectly happy if this is the last of it for this winter.


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