Wednesday, January 19, 2011

By the way . . .

I would be remiss if I failed to mention yet another new blog from an old friend of mine, one Frank Phillippi who writes from the environs of Virginia near to the power elite.  He is one who keeps a weather eye on those in power in Washington.  But his blog reveals another interest all together (or should that be altogether?  Oh, never mind.)

You may inspect his blog at Vinyl Stats.  Enjoy!


Tom Cochrun said...

Nice plug for Frank. And great new shot of the Catalyst.

Steve said...

Nice blog he has. Nice photo you have.

Bee said...

My brother is working at the Pentagon at the moment. I believe that he finds it VERY frustrating. I'll steer him towards this blog. (Good to know that someone is keeping an eye on things/people!)

As regards your comment on my recent blog post: I OFTEN think that "nonfiction" is a misnomer . . . especially when it comes to historical reconstructions and memoirs.

Catalyst said...

Steve - Nice comment you make.

Bee - Thanks for your thoughts but I suspect your brother might be disappointed in Frank's blog since it will, I believe, only focus on music. Then again maybe he'd like it.

As to nonfiction being a misnomer, I suspect that you are more and more correct.