Friday, January 7, 2011

A fantasy day

So I was out today admiring the show being put on by the clouds in a beautiful blue sky.

When something came into view!  I snapped a quick picture, almost out of frame of this . . . could it be?  An honest to gosh flying saucer?

Then something else appeared.  A helicopter!  Apparently in pursuit of this unearthly object.

Maybe I wasn't crazy after all.  Obviously the helicopter pilot had seen what I had seen.

But then the helicopter came lower and lower and eventually landed at a nearby hospital.  It wasn't chasing the flying saucer after all.

So - - - -

Oh, all right.  The mystery is over.  I actually inverted the photo.  Here's one taken from a little further away, not inverted.

My flying saucer was actually the top of a street light, with a little trickery by me in the photo editing stage.  There are many of these modernistic light poles in our town.

So back to the clouds, where apparently my head has been today.  This time I included a bit of the mountains in the lower right corner for perspective.

You're probably thinking "it's about time you got some perspective, Catalyst!"


  1. the clouds are gorgeous--
    but have you really been abducted?

  2. I meant to tell you, I believe that I was taking a picture of this very same helicopter at the very same time on the very same day. I didn't see you though or I'm sure I would have a picture of you taking a picture. I was at the library parking lot in PV.

  3. Judy, that's amazing! Even more so than my "flying saucer"! I stopped up in the very top left of the parking lot, close to Windsong and the street that goes around the library. Too bad we didn't see each other.