Saturday, January 15, 2011

A turnaround?

Much has been made of President Obama's speech in Tucson this week.  Pundits are asking (and sometimes answering their own questions) if it means a turnaround in the mean-spirited politics that has been going on for way too long.  Like many of the punditry I'm not so sure the new spirit will last.  But since I have said rather mean things about Arizona's Senator John McCain a couple of weeks ago, I feel I owe it to him to praise him now.

McCain has written a very complimentary and, has been said by others, "graceful" op ed piece which will appear in print in tomorrow's Washington Post.  I suggest you read it and join me in thanking the Senator for his kind words. 

In politics as in life one can be wrong sometimes and right (no pun intended) at other times.


Julie said...

nice words and thoughts

ImaSkeptic said...

Good to see you blogging your "Random walk down the street" in Prescott Valley. "Oddball Observations" must mean things you
actually observe, not the one observing, right? ;-)

Jerry said...

The McCain article states it perfectly, and the fact that he wrote it will have a lot of impact.