Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday Dining Review

Yesterday was my birthday.  As my gift for the day, SWMBO said she was going to do all of the cooking and all of the cleaning up.  Now that is a treat!

I believe I have mentioned on previous occasions that my wife is an excellent cook.

So we started the day with breakfast, a meal we don't often eat anymore.  (I know, I know, it's the most important meal of the day but it's just too much for us to deal with that early in the day.)  I had no idea what was coming but it turned out to be one of my favorites: Eggs Benedict.  Delicious!

That allowed us to avoid lunch since the breakfast carried us right through to dinner.  And what a dinner!  I'm not sure that we have ever had these in our home: LOBSTER TAILS!  They were gigantic and were accompanied by a wonderful rice and vegetable dish, asparagus, and a salad with greens and strawberries.  I was in seventh heaven.

But a couple of hours later dessert was served.  Strawberry cheesecake with some more sliced strawberries on the side.  I went to bed a happy man.

Unfortunately, my camera instincts didn't kick in and I have no photos of the food.  But I can tell you that too many days like this will further convince me to never go to a public beach again.

No, no, that's not me.  I have never owned a Speedo!


Bernie said...

Happy belated birthday. Your meals soun delicious....:-)Hugs

The Bug said...

My eyes, my eyes! That does sound yummy!

Lowandslow said...

Congrats on cheating death for another year. Hope you can keep that record intact for many more. And your b-day feast sounds awesome. :)

I can imagine your photo model's motto: "Why settle for 6-pack abs when you can have the whole keg?"


Jerry said...

Alas we don't eat breakfast either...'cept maybe on weekends and then it is more of a Brunch.

Happy 27th birthday!

Catalyst said...

Bernie - You know I was thinking today they sound kind of old school but you might as well have what you like . . on your birthday.

Dana - Sorry about that vision. I'm much sleeker. (In my mind, at least)

S - Good line.

Jerry - That's about how it goes here. And yes, it was my 27th birthday (44th celebration of it!)

Steve said...

Sound like you ate well. Glad the photo is not you.

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

That's a nasty photo!
Glad you had a wonderful day and were so well taken care of!

Catalyst said...

Steve - Me, too.

Dawn, darling - You DO realize that that photo is NOT ME, don't you?

chiccoreal said...

Happy belated birthday...and I am glad that speedos are somewhat passe!

Meggie said...

Haha! I suppose you know that Speedos are called Budgie Smugglers here in Oz!
Your meal sounds utterly divine. Many Happy Returns for your birthday.XX

Thérèse said...

You'll have to celebrate the same way next year to take at least one picture...