Sunday, April 17, 2011


Lovers of European motorcars were in for a treat yesterday in downtown Prescott.  The British-Euro Auto Tour around Arizona made a stop on Whiskey Row.

There were some German cars mixed in - BMW's, Mercedes - but the majority of the cars were British, like this E Jaguar.

And some others, familiar to drivers who loved these "sports" cars back in the 50's and 60's.

There were grinning grills . . .

. . . great lines . . .

. . . and lucious leather.

Also some funny license plates.

For those with a big budget, some big (and expensive) cars.

But I think this beautiful blue Morgan was my favorite.

All in all, a treat for the senses.  You can read more about the "pit stop" in a fine article by my friend Doug Cook in the local paper.


  1. Now THIS is blog entry to make me drool! I LOVE these old (and new) cars. We have some wonderful events here in the Dallas area, but they are static as opposed to a "tour". I would much prefer a tour. And I admire your choice of a Morgan. I saw one recently...British racing green with high quality aromatic cream-colored leather interior......just spectacular.

    Thaks for sharing.


  2. S - I fell in love with sports cars before I was old enough to drive. Finally got one - a '71 MGB - new but only had it for about a year. I did love it, though, and it was great fun to drive.

  3. Some great rides there. My precious is an 89 Porsche Carrera that I bought new. Now 22 plus years old,but not driven in winter.

  4. Oooohhh, yes. Have to take care of that baby.

  5. I wish we had been there. We love to see events like this one! Well, at least we got to see your pictures.

  6. Judy, I was looking for you at the chalkfest but guess I was a day early.

  7. Cars dont excite me at all. However, I do love the pavement art!

  8. I got you with one of them then, Meggie!

  9. One of the "Triumphs" I saw would have been my pick...
    Great looking pictures!

  10. Therese - They're ALL worth having, I think.

  11. Yes, the Stag is still a favourite here, but in 1952 I walked to school every day past a car lot that featured a Morgan three wheeler. I would stop and drool. Out front of the bonnet was a transversely mounted air cooled V twin (like a bigger Harley) that drove its one rear wheel via a chain.
    Thanks for the reminders and Happy Birthday!


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