Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Home is where you like the weather!

I was reading my home town newspaper, the Mountrail County Promoter from Stanley, North Dakota, this morning.  The editor's column told of how they'd had some fresh snowfall up there on a couple of days this past week.  She said she loved the four seasons they experience, even with the severity of the winters, and she couldn't imagine how anyone could live where it was always the same year around.

Well, I left North Dakota back in 1969 and, other than a few visits, I've never been back.  I have lived in South Dakota, Indiana, Arizona, deep into Mexico, Texas and back to Arizona.  I note that I have lived since 1972 in either the Southwest or further south in Mexico.  (That allows for people who insist Texas is in the Southwest when, if you look on a map, it's actually in the South.)  But that's 39 years, compared with the 29 I lived in North Dakota.  And the three years when I lived in Indiana were, I have come to find out, unusually warm, mild winters.

And I love it.  I loved being able to take a swim on Christmas Day.  Here in Arizona, which has been my home for 33 years, the temperature never gets down to "North Dakota winter" cold.  I can remember 30 and 40 below.  I can remember snowstorms that covered cars parked in the streets and even one that buried a train.  I can remember, as a kid, ice-skating on the streets in my home town.  But not anymore.

And that time I lived in Texas we got out after less than two years, done in by year-round humidity.  And that wasn't even on the coast!

Guadalajara, Mexico and environs was our home for nearly five years and we loved the climate there.  Year-round temperatures averaged around 70 to 75 degrees.  When the rainy season came it frequently rained only at night and the days were sunny again.

The part of Arizona we live in now doesn't get the ultra-high temperatures of the low desert around Phoenix.  So we get a seasonal change, just not the severe changes I was used to in North Dakota.

But, that's just me.  I have heard people who live all over this country brag about their climate and say they wouldn't live anywhere else.  I guess it's just whatever you like.


Tess Kincaid said...

I love the seasonal change of the Midwest. But I do dread the summer heat and humidity. Bleh.

Anonymous said...

I guess you got to weigh the pros and cons... I like the summers here because they are rarely humid or hot. Just right.
But the winters suck... big time.
Still waiting for spring.
On the upside it will soon be iceberg season so that helps!

Tom Cochrun said...

Agree with you, it's what you like. We like the 65-45 year round stability here--with the variance of getting warmer, but rarely colder. And the blue sky and sunshine are pretty steady and welcome. Bad thing about the midwest was the gray---weeks of it on end.

Stafford Ray said...

Listen mate, if you want paradise where everyone speaks English with no accent, come to Mooloolaba Queensland! And you get water you can swim in all yeare round, free medical care if you really need it and no state is at war with any other!

The Bug said...

You know, Stafford makes a good case - & I would be VERY tempted if it weren't for family.

If you read my blog at all you'll know that I don't really like snow. And fall makes me sad because I know that snow it coming. And summer is just too hot. So I would be happy to live somewhere that just has spring all year. Are there any job openings there?